Galil Mountain Winery

Galil Mountain Winery is situated near the Kibbutz Yiron. This area is very close to the Lebanese border and lies to the north-west of the Sea of Galilee. It is only 10 km from the Bar’am National Park.

This sustainable winery has made it their mission to work with nature.

In their own words:

“We discovered the beauty of a free-flowing connection with nature. Experiencing this connection led to the establishment of a winery whose approach and actions are free and creative. We work with nature, generating sustainable relationships with the earth and the vineyards growing from within it. It’s important for us to maintain that which exists. To serve life in this environment. To give back.

Our future and the future of upcoming generations is in our hands, and that’s not a cliché. We find ourselves at a time and place in which we can make an impact and improve the quality of life for ourselves and our children.

We at Galil Mountain Winery have taken upon ourselves countless projects for making the vision of sustainability a way of life in our Winery, our vineyards, and our social surroundings. There’s no doubt that for an organization that lives and prospers from nature’s treasures as a source of essential raw materials, it’s only natural to try and do the utmost to keep nature healthy and essential over time.

Since beginning the process of introducing our sustainability vision at Galil Mountain Winery, we haven’t remained stagnant. Rather, we’ve continued to innovate and act for the good of our environment and society.

Our environmental activities include:

  • solar-powered electricity generating system on the Winery’s rooftop
  • wastewater treatment system aimed at preventing pollutants from entering the sewage system or the ground
  • compost production system for all of the Winery’s organic waste
  • cleaning program in which all chemical-based cleaning materials were replaced with environmentally-friendly materials; no less important, scope of cleaning material use was reduced
  • astounding electricity and diesel savings – electricity expenses were cut by 50% over the last three years
  • pleasant and economical green roof over the barrel hall – soil was spread across the roof and local wild vegetation was planted, aiming to create insulation for the barrel hall, which in turn lowered energy costs
  • ongoing reuse-reduce-recycle program – replacement of all of the Winery’s packing materials, which significantly lowered the use of external containers due to the transition to light-glass wine bottles and the reuse of wooden pallets; all industrial waste including pomace, packing materials and bottles are either recycled or reused at other plants
  • green corner cultivation – establishment of a splendid green corner at the Winery aimed at providing a quiet area for both visitors and staff members”

We at Weinunikate love Galil Mountain wines and their excellent value for money. They keep for years and age beautifully.

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