Quinta de Ramozeiros

This quinta - or vineyard - has long been called Quinta de Ramozeiros. Locals believe that the word Ramozeiros has become a popular term for the dry, old branches of the vines that are cut off, hence the figure given on the labels.

No one knows how old this winery is, but an old stone inscription on the main building dates it back to 1789.

Quinta de Ramozeiros is located in Vacalar, Armamar, on a beautiful hill surrounded by other hills and valleys of the Douro region - not far from the Douro River, which can be seen from the winery.

The winery has 18.8 hectares of vineyards with grapes of very high quality. The 15 hectares are newly planted vineyards, while the remaining 3.8 hectares are old, traditional, autochthonous vineyards.

For the newly planted vineyards, the best grape varieties of the Douro Valley were selected and the red wine grapes Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cão and Sousão and the white wine grapes Gouveio, Cerceal, Malvasia Fina and Fernão were planted.

A variety of grape varieties over 50 years old are grown in the old traditional vineyards, adding a special dimension to the wines of Quinta de Ramozeiros with their fantastic blend of flavours and aromas.

Quinta de Ramozeiros and its dedicated, determined and qualified staff know how to make the most of the wonderful natural conditions, the soils, the perfect terroir, the climate, the sun and the great variety of grapes.

The winery is committed to an ethical protocol of love and responsibility for the soil, the vineyards, the people and nature as a whole. They use sustainable farming methods that support biodiversity and the local ecosystem. In addition to native grape varieties, they grow olive, almond and fruit trees and a vegetable garden.


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