Quinta do Pégo

Quinta do Pégo is a vineyard situated on the way from Régua to Pinhäo - approximately 3 km before Pinhäo on the right hand - in the Douro Valley in Portugal. Quinta do Pégo is situated 138 metres above the surface of the Douro River and the vineyards are situated up to 350 metres above the surface of the Douro River.

It is without a doubt one of the most beautifully situated quintas in the Douro Valley. Quinta do Pégo has produced wines since before 1548 - according to different historical documents. So, it is most likely that grapes have been grown on the quinta’s land since the Roman occupation. Quinta do Pégo has been owned 50% by AMKA since January 2000 and since September 2003 Quinta do Pégo has been owned 100% by AMKA who is in charge of the whole project.

Quinta do Pégo produces some of the finest and best ports, but the project also includes a total renovation of the old buildings and the building of a number of guest houses. After this total renovation, the quinta opened in the spring 2009 with hotel. Hotel Rural Quinta do Pégo is certainly worth a visit. Quinta do Pégo owns an area of approximately 33 hectares - in 2002 the planting of approximately 30 hectares of vines were completed.

The land is classified in group A, which is the absolute best group. Quinta do Pégo’s purpose is to produce wines of the very best quality. To begin with only Vintage Port (the first vintage from Quinta do Pégo was Vintage 2000) and red wine, but now also Late Bottled Vintage and olive oil.

Quinta do Pégo’s products are produced by Rozès winemaker Manuel Henrique and the South African winemaker Wouter Pienaar (until his death in 2020). After his death, another South African winemaker, Niel Bester, has taken over and in close co-operation with Manuel Henrique he continues the unique Quinta do Pégo style.

Today, Quinta do Pégo produces Vintage Port, Late Bottled Vintage Port, Douro red wine and olive oil - everything can be bought at Quinta do Pégo


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