Our mission

We aim to convince you to try wines you possibly have never even heard of, or which were produced in countries which you did not even know produced wines, or wines which were made in a very unusual way. We hope to surprise your palate and to submerge you in a virtual journey to these special places where these fine wines grow and to learn about them.

We are committed to quality, sustainable wines.

Our values

We sell wines which our customers can drink with a clear conscience. In order to do this, we carefully pick our wines according to following criteria:

  • People: Our winemakers and the staff on the farm are treated and paid fairly. The community also profits from the farms. Career perspectives are created for people with special needs.
  • Quality: Our wines are not only delicious to drink, but as a rule of thumb* can be kept for many years, getting better all the time.
  • Sustainability: Our winemakers treat the environment with respect and farm in a sustainable way.

*Rosé wines are the exception here, they tend to only keep for two to three years.