Tanzanite Rosé MCC 2012

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1 l = 21.33 €

Origin of Grapes: Robertson & Stellenbosch. 

Grapes are harvested in whole bunches by hand at 19- 20 Balling. Whole bunches are pressed through a soft pressing cycle. The must undergo its first fermentation with temperatures vigorously controlled to preserve the grape aromas. After fermentation each wine is tasted and blended. After the blending process the wines are stabilized, inoculated with yeast, and bottled.

The bottled wine is taken into temperature controlled cellars. It is here in the still dark quiet of the cellar where the secondary fermentation takes place – the so called “prisse de mousse” literally the development of the mousse. The yeast converts the sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol and the wine turn effervescent.

Ageing on the lees is one of the crucial parts in making a good Cap Classique. The wine must reach its optimum maturity. After the process of riddling and degorgement the sugar is adjusted by adding “dosage”according to the wine’s taste. The wine is aged for a further few months to allow for the liquor to marry with the wine to give it balance and elegance.

In contact with wine lees for 36 months in the bottle. It begins with a subtle onion skin pink appearance, followed by the delicacy of red fruit aromas, raspberries and cream. Its delicate structure and suave allure complete your pleasure. Very limited quantities made. All hand riddled by the winemaker. Recommended to serve with roasted white meat, game, tapas, ham and smoked salmon. Enjoy when having a cocktail party, it’s the wine of choice for aperitifs on the terrace and in the garden, scented with summer perfumes, or enjoy it by the glowing fireplace in winter. 

This MCC can be kept for 20 years or similar to vintage champagne from France and gets more intense in taste by the year.


Grape Analysis:

Alcohol 11.5%

Total Acidity 6.8G/L

pH 3.16

Residual sugar 10.1G/L



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