Galil Mountain Yiron 2008

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1 l = 30.67 €

Intense shining Bordeaux in color. The wine displays strong aromas of berry, blueberry and cassis on a background of vanilla and toasted oak characters, along with a slight hint of butter. A full-bodied wine with a velvety texture and a long, pleasurable finish.

The wine underwent 14-21 days of fermentation on skins at 86º F / 30º C as well as full malolactic fermentation, and aged 16 months in French oak barrels.

 Best served at 64° F / 18° C, the wine is an excellent complement to richly flavored dishes including juicy beef cutlets, broiled sirloin steak and veal osso buco.

Store in a cold, dark area. This wine has been stored optimally and can be drunk immediately or within the next year or two.

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